This article illustrates how can the design of the business cards affect greatly on your marketing results. It also states how to achieve the best result.

Business Card Design That Works

Business Card Design That WorksThere are a lot of business cards being circulated by countless businesses nowadays, but the truth is most people only keep a few. The main reason is that the business card does nothing to make the people who have them want to know more about the business. There are cards that utilize loud designs that make the contact information hardly noticeable. There are letter heads which are printed in unreadable fonts and sizes, or a paper material that is way too scented or way too glossy. Business cards have the ability to speak so much about a business. This is the reason why the design of a business card is as essential as the distribution of the cards to a greater number of people. There are many business card printing companies that are able to come up with professionally designed cards best suited to your company or business. Whether online or offline, these printing and design experts can be of great help in determining which design, color, or lay out will give your business the best possible exposure it can generate. Although there are businesses, especially small or start-up businesses who would rather print their own business cards to save on costs, choosing a professional business card lay-out designer and printing company is a wiser option. There are in fact many ways to optimize a business card. The products or services can be enumerated on the face of the card for the clients to have a clearer grasp of what the business can offer. Unfortunately there are cards that fail to include other services which may add to the profitability of the business by increasing sales.Furthermore, in business cards, the business logo and business name must be printed legibly on them. It is not wise to fill your card with so much information and other designs, and barely leaving enough space for your company name and logo. A business card is not a company resume, and as much as information on the company is essential, there is no sense in overdoing it.Finally, the other side of the business card can be utilized for a number of purposes. The location map of the business may be printed, or a particular product best seller or service can be highlighted. Or the card can have a folded design so as to have more space for additional information. "Business cards" can do so much for any business, when optimized for exposure and sales purposes.

Importance of Branding: What's in a Name?

Importance of Branding:  What

Branding is perhaps the most important facet of any business--beyond product, distribution, pricing, or location. A company's brand is its definition in the world, the name that identifies it to itself and the marketplace. A model may be beautiful, but without a name, she's just "that girl in that picture." Where would Norma Jean be without Marilyn Monroe, or who would imagine Coca-Cola as just a soft-drink manufacturer? A brand provides a concrete descriptor to customers and competitors alike, a name for a product or service to distinguish it from anything else. Bob may run a hobby shop, but trying to advertise as "The hobby shop a guy named Bob runs down the street a ways" is financial suicide. Each customer will have to describe the shop, who Bob is, and what the shop does every time someone asks about it. This makes the process of recommending a good hobby shop too much work for the average customer, and far too much work for a user looking for hobby shops on the Internet. A customer looking up Bob's hobby shop will have an easier time of it if he or she knows to refer to it as "Bob's House of Hobbies," and the customer can then refer others to Bob's hobby shop by name, increasing the potential advertising exponentially. Developing a brand involves more than just picking a catchy name and placing an ad in the newspaper--a brand is more than a unique string of letters denoting a particular product; a successful brand is a mnemonic trigger that makes a consumer feel a certain way when the brand is thought of. For those who drink cola-flavored soft drinks, which is more appealing on a hot day: a cold cola soda, or an ice-cold Coke? Coca-Cola has spent 100 years developing their particular brand of cola-flavored soda as a refreshing beverage and a seminal representation of a market segment. Coca-Cola has used a combination of direct marketing, give-away techniques, and multi-product cross-branding to achieve maximum brand recognition and visibility in not only its immediately competitive market, but in markets as diverse as Coca-Cola branded race cars and housewares.Brand loyalty is an integral part of building a brand, as consumers usually have a choice of products in the same market segment, and so a successful company will come up with a way to keep consumers re-buying their product or coming back to their location rather than going to a competitor. These brand loyalty-building efforts may come in the form of coupons, incentives such as many grocery chains' technique of "grocery discount cards" or "loss leaders," meant to draw consumers into the store, where they will hopefully buy products along with the discounted fare at a higher profit ratio. In exchange for these discounts and grocery cards, many companies collect information about buying habits and average spending amounts, the better to tailor advertisements and better-focus future promotional efforts. Once a consumer is hooked, brand loyalty tends to result in higher sales volume, as well as loyal customers being less sensitive to price changes of their favorite brands (within reason, of course), as well as less sensitive to competitors' incentives. Studies have shown that it takes 5 times as much money to gain a customer as it does to retain one. That's 5 times as much money as could have been spent on other things.A brand is who your company is, and what it is selling--it is as important as naming a baby, and should require the same amount of effort to develop it, but if done well, can mature into a successful and profitable adult. 2005, Wholesale Pages UK. All rights reserved.

How MLM Recruiting Can Make You Rich

How MLM Recruiting Can Make You Rich

There are several things a person can do to become successful in network marketing, but none compare to the benefits you will receive from MLM recruiting. A majority of your time should be spent on recruiting and building your business because in the end, everyone wants to be rich. The further you build your business the higher your income is going to be. So how do you go about recruiting and what are the magical secrets to success in multilevel marketing? Lets find out.The first part to MLM recruiting is believing in yourself and the product that you are promoting. You must believe that your product is the best out there and that it is going to benefit everyone that becomes associated with it. If you promote the product with great knowledge and passion then other people will be curious as to why it is truly as good as you make it out to be. Now you have the persons attention.Getting people to your website is the key to advertising. Everyone that has internet access has the capability of seeing your information at THEIR convenience. When youre advertising online, always cross-market by advertising your website and phone number. This gives people multiple ways to contact you enhancing your chances of building your "network marketing" downline.Communication is a key aspect to how people will perceive the product. With network marketing, you will be recruiting in various ways from telephone, email, letter and more. If you are fumbling with words trying to explain the benefits of the product, people will question your knowledge of the product. You need to know the ins and outs of the product and be prepared for any question that may come up.Building a personal relationship will help in "multilevel marketing" . Know that everyone you deal with has a life and hobbies outside of network marketing themselves. If you take the time to get to know them a little better they will begin to trust you more and be more inclined to buy into your product. Ask them about family, hobbies, interests, career goals and more.Persistency is the key to success in network marketing and will help in the recruiting process. Be consistent to follow up on every email that you receive to keep the personal relationship in tact. Offer something of value to them such as new ezines of yours that they can subscribe to for free. Keep them interested on an ongoing basis until they finally decide it is worth buying into.MLM recruiting is all about persistency and consistency. If the person sees your dedication and you take the time to build a relationship, you will build a large downline in no time. If you can show people that they are worth while, then they will be more inclined to listen to you and you will be on your way to a successful MLM recruitment.

Why Postcards are Popular to Businesses?

Why Postcards are Popular to Businesses?

To make a business endeavor a success the people behind it must be good in communication. It is the idea of what you communicate and how to communicate that matters. Good communication is thus, the link that connects business and clients. It is also the controlling factor that links all types of businesses.One of the most effective ways to communicate about any business is the use of promotional materials like postcards, business cards, posters, flyers and the likes. Let us discuss the significance of the first item. Postcards are usually rectangular shaped piece of paper or cardboard with the significant details of the business on it. Why are they popular to businesses? The ultimate reason is to make a sale. However, before a sale can take place there must first be familiarity with its products and services. With regards to this aspect, postcards can be used. Be sure that postcards have retention value in order for customers to easily recall them. As a result, it will drive them to buying or subscribing of your products or services.Another reason is to follow up on customers. At first sight, the postcard may not get the goal of the company thus, it needs considerable amount of follow ups. Retention is the key factor to yield forthcoming sales. Third reason is to update regularly. The details of the business might have change with time and strategies thus, we have to consider these changes and come up with an updated version of rush postcards. After the updates and the usual his and hellos to the customers, the next thing to do is to check out its affectivity to the sales world. This phase may be called checking out customers. Moreover, postcards are needed to be sent in order to refresh the customers of your products and service especially the latest ones. Postcards are powerful marketing tools that can convey message through its colorful, clear and striking images and crisp texts. Full color postcards are the most effective type of postcard used by businesses. This is because of its enigmatic effect on the eyes and emotions of the viewers. Try to capture it in your postcards as well. All you have to do is place moving pictures and texts that way, you can very well catch and seize your viewers decision so as to be favorable to your business!

Shopping For Clothing With Sports Logos In The Brick And Mortar World

If you are a sports enthusiast, you likely have (on occasion) considering purchasing clothing items that bear the logos of your favorite sports team. In that regard, if you are considering making the purchase of clothing items with the logo of your favorite team emblazoned on those clothing items, there are some pointers and facts that you should keep in mind.First of all, in this day and age, nearly every major sporting venue maintains a gift shop on the premises. For example, if you are a major league baseball fan, stop by the stadium -- even when a game is not being played. Chances are, the shop on the site will be open and you will be able to select from a wide array of different items bearing the logo of your most favored team.In addition to shops that are maintained at sporting coliseums and stadiums at this point in time, many major department stores now carry clothing and other items that bear the logos of different sports teams. By stopping into such a department store, you will be able to find those items that most appeal to you.In addition to many major department stores, there are also a growing number of discount retail stores that now carry a wide array of different types of products -- including clothing items -- that carry the logos of major sporting teams. In many instances, you will be able to make the purchase of exactly the piece of merchandise that you seek at a price that fits well within your everyday budget. (These stores -- together with department stores -- are good venues through which you can make the purchase of gift items that bear sports teams logos for friends and family members who favor such items.)Most major sporting teams in this day and age now maintain catalogues through which people can order clothing and other items that bear a teams logo. You can order those products that you desire simply by dialing a convenient toll free telephone number. In most instances, the team will send to you those products that you order for no additional shipping handling charge (or only for a nominal shipping and handling charge). Generally speaking, such catalogue orders can be made twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and fifty two weeks a year.

Ride The Gray Train To Increased Profits

Something is roaring into the business communitys depot that has been building momentum for years. I call it the Gray Train. On December 31, 2004, the last Baby Boomer turned 40, pushing that train to full throttle. Marketers are missing the obvious and not-so obvious opportunities to grow their businesses with this appealing audience.

Self-indulgent Baby Boomers want what they want, now. They have business expertise, have received all sorts of training from their corporate employer and now that education allows them to open up their own businesses. Or, they have done so well, they no longer have to work. They can pursue their passion.

A few, smart marketers have been positioning themselves to take advantage of this segment that with few exceptions - has disposable income, time and the inclination to use both to get what they want, when they want it.

Baby Boomers are members of a generation 78 million strong - born between 1946 and 1964. Boomers control half of all discretionary income and spend $2 trillion every year on consumer-related services. Half of Boomers will pass 50 in 2005, as 10,000 more see their cake ablaze with 50 candles every day. Despite the size of this demographic segment, it has been reported that only about 10 percent of advertising dollars are spent on Boomers.

Not only are most marketers ignoring the obvious about this segment, they are clueless about what Boomers really want: experiences, particularly those that bring with them knowledge or a chance to connect with family.

Here are a number of other themes the marketer should take advantage of in targeting the Baby Boomer:

Boomers are first and foremost self-interested. They want what they want, and they want it now

Despite this want it now mentality, Boomers are increasingly concerned about having enough money to continue their current lifestyle in retirement

Although self-involved, they also are very family-oriented and have a charitable side that has not been fully tapped

When Boomers retire and that retirement will be radically different from their parents retirement - they will want to bring their lives with them, not start new ones

Baby Boomers dont think about their ages, so marketers should focus on the benefit of the product or service and not on the users age

For marketers, the bottom line is this: Baby Boomers constitute a ripe demographic that has been ignored too long. TV network programmers and Hollywood movie companies, among other marketers may want to take a fresh look at this 78-million-strong generation. My advice: get on the Gray Train and profit. If youd like more on this topic, get my Purple Paper on the subject.


This article illustrates how can the design of the business cards affect greatly on your marketing results. It also states how to achieve the best result.